This is a publication for the illustrative installation ‘Vensters’, made by Femme ter Haar.

Femme was selected for the K.F. Hein Art Participation Project. In collaboration with the St. Pieters en Bloklands Gasthuis in Amersfoort, she worked on a new art work for their location at de Davidshof. The result is a poetic story about the intangibility of dementia, inspired by a series of visits to the hospital. This publication is not only a report of the end result, but also offers an insight into the process.

The title of the work, which translates as ‘Windows’, symbolizes a transition from one world to another: glancing in or out, wandering and dreaming. The six transparent panels are also literal windows, within which Femme plays with transparency, collage elements and fragility.

To emphasise the effect of the transparent panels, I chose to use a thin, 90 grams paper (Munken Polar Rough) for the inside of the publication. The images and drawings on other pages always peek through, leaving an interesting composition whenever you’re flipping through the book.

The dust cover is made of transparent plastic, with the title and Femme’s name printed on top of it. The letters leave a little shade on the trees behind it, which creates depth and the collage-feel that can be found in the installation as well.

Fun fact: the size of this publication is the exact size of the sketch book in which Femme illustrated all the content for this project!

Printed by Libertas Pascal, Utrecht