This project was a seminar lead by Lennart Kok and Sue Doeksen. Through ‘Black & White sessions’ we made quick sketches with different materials about words that were written on paper. One of the words I received was ‘stilte’ (silence).

After a few sessions and a riso print workshop we had the opportunity to create a final art work, based on the theme ‘Riso Paradise’. I challenged myself to complete the exercise without the use of a computer, and decided to use the actual piece of paper with the word ‘stilte’ on it to make a book about the silent, microscopic world inside the ‘Riso Paradise’. I combined natural elements from pictures in old books, with graphic shapes and drawings I made during the Black & White sessions. I also enlarged two pages of the book and made posters of them. The posters and books are all riso printed, the posters in a collection of 5, the books in a circulation of 15.

All our work came together in the exhibition we organised at Kapitaal Utrecht on 6 November 2015. My posters are sold out, but there are some of my books left! You can buy one for €6, email me for more information at!