Realnezz Magazine


Realnezz Magazine is Isabelle Renzenbrink‘s 2019 graduation project for AMFI Fashion and Branding. It’s an independent teen magazine focused on the coming of age phase, that zooms in on the mental process behind growing up. It is dedicated to the brand Lazy Oaf, and very nineties inspired.

Isabelle asked me to redesign some of the pages of her magazine. We decided that even though it is a magazine for teenagers, it had to look more professional and clean than it did. I wanted to give the magazine a young but polished feeling.

To accomplish this I used shapes and colours that are often used by Lazy Oaf. They are a fun brand full of playful shapes and illustrations, and a lot of pastel colours. I combined them with grids to give the pages some more structure, and made sure there is a perfect balance between all the elements.

On the right you can find the spreads I designed (make sure to click for more photos!), and down below you can flip through the final pages of Realnezz Magazine.