Prins Petfood Advertisement

Magazine and Facebook advertisements for the Pet Parents Plan by Prins.

The target audience is senior men and women who really would like to have a pet, but think they can’t have one because it’s too hard for them to buy food, organise vet appointments, etcetera.

With the Prins Pet Parents Plan they can adopt a pet from an animal shelter, and Prins organises everything around it. They deliver the right food, organise check ups with their own vets and make sure the pet can get a new home if it happens to be that their owner can’t take care of them anymore.

In the ads I wanted to focus on touch. In the magazine you can see the hand patting a cat, and the lady hugging the dog; something you’d love to do if you wanted a pet. On the left page you see something you relate to; the food and the quote ‘Too heavy to carry?’

In the Facebook ad I wanted to make it a bit more abstract and unusual. It looks like you can actually feel the fur through your screen, something that catches people’s attention.