Logo + Business cards HILK FILM

HILK FILM is a production company focussing on film and video content. The logo had to radiate reliability; HILK FILM is a company you can trust. Wanting a clean and simple logo, HILK FILM needed to be portrayed as accessible, friendly and a little different than the norm.

The letters in the logo were custom made, tailored to the wishes of HILK FILM. I started by giving them a strong body and some good legs to stand on, and gave the logo a friendly feeling with the use of rounded corners. Finally, to add some playfulness, I employed the use of lowercase i’s in contrast to the rest of the capital letters.

HILK FILM wanted the business cards to stand out, so I decided the use of a square card rather than a rectangle would be most effective. Lastly, to make the logo pop a little bit more I decided on black cards, with the logo and info in white for maximum contrast.