Hemels Geluk was created for the five-year anniversary of espresso bar/pastry shop Hemels.
It is a book filled with stories about the origin of Hemels, featuring recipes of all the cakes, cookies and sweet breakfast dishes that are served in the cafe.

The book was made in the corporate identity of Hemels – blue and orange colours are characteristic of this, as well as the Courier font and the illustrated diamond pattern. To keep it clear, the ingredients can always be found in orange blocks at the start of a recipe. At the top of each recipe sits an orange heart which states what baking tray is required. Materials needed are displayed as illustrations found on the sides of the page.

The book was written by Kirsten Beltman – van Gunst, the photography was completed by
Thijs van Geenhuizen, the styling by Wendy van Geenhuizen and the illustrations were designed by Het Paradijs. Printed by Probook, Utrecht