De Smaaksafari – Zoete aardappel

De Smaaksafari (‘taste safari’) is a project by Madaga.
I worked on it together with Pieter Jan Boterhoek.

De Smaaksafari is a series of kits designed for young kids to discover vegetables in a fun way, and this time it was all about sweet potatoes! The kids are taken on a big adventure in this colourful sweet potato world, accompanied by four little crawly friends. There are games to play, stories to read, and delicious dishes to cook. In this unique way, kids learn where the sweet potato comes from, how it looks, feels, smells, sounds and tastes.

There’s also a broccoli version of this kit!

Concept & Art Direction: Pieter Jan Boterhoek & Dayo Scholing
Illustrations: Aniek Bartels