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What I missed during my time freelancing was working in a team. I’d love to work in a team that’s driven and works hard to achieve goals together. I want to be part of a team that works for the greater good, works together, and views things from each others perspectives. I feel a good team works to inspire each other, and walks the extra mile to make every brief/project an accomplishment – for the team, for the studio, and for success as a whole.

I work with a lot of care and attention in everything I do. My eye for detail makes the little things stand out to me, I like it when things are exactly right and perfectly aligned – it’s a passion and dedication that I bring to all my work. With print, texture and feeling are also very important to me. I believe the look of a design is only completed by using the perfect material for it, and the medium is part of the design as a whole.

In my prior education I have gained a large range of experience with different types of people, most of them individually. These experiences have tested me and given me valuable lessons in how to interact in different circumstances, as well as insights into the different ways that people think. Be it working with troubled teenagers, assisting disabled kids, or tutoring refugees, I feel I have been given difficult but important training that will assist me in the next steps of my career.

If you think I could be a good addition to your team, let’s meet up! 🙂
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