Details excite me. The playful descender of the letter q in this typeface, the elegance of the lowercase l on the last page of What Happens When Nothing Happens, or the boldness of the g’s on the cover of The Bigger Picture. This is characteristic of myself and my work: my passion and eye for detail.

My goal is to produce work that stands out and has a meaningful and memorable impact.
I want to design things that people can learn from and get inspired by. I want to make books that are so gorgeous that people want to put them on a special shelf instead of in their bookcase. I want to design packaging that people want to keep, even though the product is finished. I want to start conversations with my designs. I want to reach people with my work.

Since I graduated at HKU in 2018 I have been freelancing and had the pleasure to work on many interesting and rewarding projects. While this time was valuable and I learnt a lot, I have missed being part of a team. I feel having people around me to work and create with as well as challenge my ideas and learn from, will help me improve and become a better designer.

In 2021 I am looking to find a team to take the next steps in my career with!
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Dayo Scholing

Work Experience
Instance – Web & Graphic design (2020 onwards)
Studio Pieter Jan Boterhoek – Graphic design & DTP (2019 onwards)
De Monsterkamer – Communication Assistant (2019-2020)
Studio Vrijdag – Internship (2017)
Dayo Scholing – Freelance graphic designer (2016 onwards)

Graphic Design – HKU (2014 – 2018)
Orientation Course – ArtEZ (2013 – 2014)

Graduation Show HKU (2018)
TAAITAAI – Werkwarenhuis Den Bosch (2017)
Metafiction – Snorfabriek Utrecht (2017)
.P&G Exhibition – Lab 111 Amsterdam (2017)
While You’re Reading – Academie Galerie Utrecht (2016)
Riso Paradise – Kapitaal Utrecht (2015)

Talk about What Happens When Nothing Happens at Pecha Kucha Night Utrecht
– Het Huis Utrecht (2018)
Talk about Open & Bloot! at ‘My Circle of Life’, a conference organised by Ucreate
– Jaarbeurs Utrecht, in collaboration with Femme ter Haar (2018)

To see what I did before I started my design journey, check out my LinkedIn page.