Dayo Scholing

Graphic Designer

Book | TOR – Strandschatten

This book was made during a seminar, in collaboration with a group of fellow students. We went to Zandvoort, a beach in Holland, to get inspired. We divided ourselves in little groups and walked around the beach and seashore, collecting bits and pieces we found.

My group and I collected crab shells, claws and washed up jellyfish that we thought were very interesting and beautiful. We double checked to ensure they were not alive anymore and took some with us. We wanted to give them a second life, and emphasise their beauty, so we decided to give them some colour. We injected them with coloured ink and photographed them (you can find the photo’s here). We saw the crabs and jellyfish as pure treasures, so we put them together on a spread and called it ‘Strandschatten’ (Beach Treasures). The book is called TOR (Beetle) because of the large amount of beetles that zoomed around us at the beach.

The book is riso printed at Kapitaal Utrecht, in a circulation of 50.

Strandschatten was made in collaboration with Noraly Roozendaal, Marijn Souren and Heleen Swart.