Graduation Project

“Dayo Scholing often wonders about a lot of things. She sees beauty in everyday objects, moments, and even the smallest situations, and likes to take time to study them. Through this curiosity, she finds joy in the discovery of their look, feel, sound and experience. In What Happens When Nothing Happens she carefully captures and displays a collection of her everyday treasures.

‘That which we generally don’t notice, which doesn’t call attention to itself, which is of no importance; what happens when nothing happens, what passes when nothing passes, except time, people, cars, and clouds’ – Georges Perec (1993)

This project stems from Dayo’s concerns about the stress and pressure that prevail today, and increasingly lead to burn outs. By showing people her view of the world, she hopes to inspire them to also look at their surroundings in a different way, take time for themselves and the world around them, and slow down for a moment.”

220 x 310 x 10 mm.
Printed by Lenoirschuring in edition of 50.
For sale for €27, send me an email or fill in the contact form to order one!